Welcome to Sleep SA

A full service provider in the area of Sleep Disorders.

We specialise in diagnosing and treating patients in one location, under the supervision of a Sleep Physician. Our streamlined services ensure comfort and peace of mind for the patient, while providing much-needed diagnostic data in a timely and professional manner, assisting doctors in evaluating and treating Sleep Disorders…

What we offer

We only use advanced diagnostic equipment and software for our Studies, carried out by highly experienced Sleep Scientists.

Screening for Sleep Disorders

At-Hospital Sleep Studies to screen for a wide variety of Sleep Disorders including Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Periodic Leg Movement Disorder and Insomnia.

Assist in diagnosis of Sleep Disorders

Studies to assist in the diagnosis of Central Sleep Apnoea, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome and Narcolepsy.

Monitoring effectiveness of treatments

Studies to monitor the effectiveness of treatments, such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Treatment.

Why choose Sleep SA

No waiting list

After a referral by a GP, patients are able to book in a suitable time at short notice.

Patient support

Our experienced Sleep Scientists analyse and provide comprehensive reports, as well as provide patient education and assistance with treatment.

Consultation with a Sleep Physician

Before and after the completion of a study, patients are arranged to consult with a Sleep Physician to discuss the study and treatment options.

Quick turnaround time

Reports are provided to referring practitioners within 7 working days of the Sleep Study being completed by patients.