Sleep Studies

What is a Sleep Study?

A Sleep Study is an overnight recording of your sleep for the diagnosis and evaluation of Sleep Disorders.

The purpose of a Sleep Study is to get a thorough understanding of a patient’s sleep, and to identify any disorders that may interfere with sleep. Currently, most patients thought to have Sleep Apnoea or another Sleep Disorder need a referral to a Sleep Physician, and an evaluation of their sleep quality via a Sleep Study.

Why do you need a Sleep Study?

If you are referred to Sleep SA, it means your doctor feels it would be appropriate to assess if you have a breathing or movement disorder while you sleep. This may be because of your snoring, symptoms of tiredness/sleepiness, or other medical conditions. It may also be to determine if you have another sleep disorder such as narcolepsy or to determine the severity of your insomnia. When you are referred to us, we will contact you to arrange a booking for your Sleep Study and can explain the exact procedure relating to the reason you have been referred.

As we have no waiting list, you are assured to get an appointment that is convenient for you. Once you are booked in for a Sleep Study, you will be sent an information pack including details about what is involved in a Sleep Study with Sleep SA.

How to prepare for your Sleep Study

  • Try to have a normal sleep the night before your Sleep Study and keep to your regular daytime routine as much as possible
  • Consume your usual amount of caffeine and alcohol (please do not exceed your ‘normal’ intake as this may alter your results)
  • Female Patients – Remove your nail polish (acrylic nails may be left on)
  • Male Patients – Please shave before your study as this will improve the quality of the recording (Bearded men do not need to shave off your beard)
  • All current medications (please note we are unable to supply these) and self-administer as usual
  • Your private health insurance details, Medicare, and Pension cards
  • Toiletries including: toothbrush, shampoo, soap, and shaving items where applicable
  • Hair dryer if applicable
  • Comfortable bed clothes including a dressing gown and slippers
  • Your pillow (if you wish)
  • If you are using CPAP, please bring your mask, tubing and machine if asked to do so

On the night of your Study, you should make sure you have dinner, and you should also have a shower. Remember not to apply conditioners, hair sprays, oils or gels to your hair as this can affect the quality of the signals given by our sensors.

We ask that you arrive by 6:30pm at the North Eastern Community Hospital and present yourself to the Hospital’s front reception for admission. On arrival, one of our friendly and highly qualified Sleep Technicians will escort you to your room and explain the initial set-up and overnight procedures. They will also answer any questions you may have.

Our Technicians will apply the sensors to you quite soon after your arrival.
This is to ensure our equipment can be tested accurately and to allow for the quality of the signals to be assessed. You will not be required to go to sleep at this time, as we try to adhere to your regular bedtime as much as possible.

While we realise your sleep may not be exactly like your sleep at home, we have designed the bedrooms for maximum comfort and diagnostic validity. Each room is air-conditioned and furnished with a fully adjustable bed, television, and leading edge monitoring equipment. Sleep Technicians will monitor your sleep signals from the monitoring room throughout the night, and will provide you with any assistance you may need.

During the night, you will be able to use the toilet facilities by calling the Technicians who will unplug your sensors from the computer box (this process is quick and easy to do).

Your Technician will wake you up around 6:00am and remove the sensors. Breakfast will be provided at 6:30am and discharge is by 7:00am in most cases. Each room has a dedicated ensuite with a shower. Please inform the Technician on arrival if you need to depart earlier than 7:00am.

Ample secure parking is located within the hospital grounds.

What happens after your Sleep Study

Attending the sleep unit means you have been placed under the care of an experienced sleep physician. In some cases, you will have already met with your sleep physician prior to your sleep study to discuss the reasons for your study.  But in some cases, where you are deemed to be very sleepy and also at high risk for a sleep disorder, you may not require this initial review.

In all cases however, you will return to see your sleep physician to go through the results of your sleep study.  Their experienced analysis and clinical interpretation are vital to ensure you get an optimal and customised treatment plan.

After you have seen the physician they will finalise your sleep study report, which includes the things discussed at your review appointment and then a copy of the results will be sent to your GP. Typically results are not sent to your referring doctor or GP until after your review.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy

If you are diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) your Physician may recommend a repeat Sleep Study with a trial of CPAP therapy. Your Physician will discuss how to proceed with CPAP therapy at your review appointment. All patients undergoing CPAP therapy are provided with ongoing assistance and are encouraged to call the sleep centre or their Physician if they are experiencing any problems.

Billing Information

Your private health insurance for hospital admissions (Hospital Cover) fully covers both the hospital admission fee and procedure fees for sleep studies (excluding only very basic levels of cover).

If you have ‘top’ Hospital Cover, there is nothing to pay as we only charge the standard recommended amount for the sleep study procedures. However, if you have chosen a policy with an ‘excess’, then you may need to pay this excess at the time of admission. Please contact your health fund to find out if you have an excess to pay as certain funds waive this excess if you have already paid an excess for another procedure within the same year.

Please be aware that you will also be required to pay for the specialist’s consultation when you see them after the study to discuss the results. This is done through Medicare. Please contact your sleep specialist’s rooms to find out more about that payment.

Accommodation Fee

The accommodation fee is $500 (as at 1st October 2017) and must be paid to the North Eastern Community Hospital prior to or on the night of your admission. This is not subject to any Medicare rebate.

Procedure Fee

A separate cost for the procedures must be made that is mostly covered by Medicare. The procedure fees must be paid in full prior to your admission. Call (08) 8364 4434 to arrange payment at least a day prior to your admission. On completion of your study, you will receive an invoice. Take this to Medicare to claim the rebate. After the rebate, you effectively only pay $136.60 for the sleep study procedures.

Please Note: The hospital is unable to accept procedure fee payment – it must be made to the specialist.  Please contact Sleep SA for an outline of our updated procedure fees for your Sleep Study.

Payment of Accommodation fees and excess fees (if applicable) can be made at the North Eastern Community Hospital reception prior to or on admission, or by forwarding the attached payment advice slip with your credit card details or bank cheque. Please Note: North Eastern Community Hospital is unable to accept personal cheques, however can accept Cash, Visa/Bankcard/Mastercard and bank cheques.

Please contact us on (08) 8364 4434 to discuss your specific requirements, and we will advise you of the applicable charges.